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Columbia Fall 2015 Sale: August 14 & 15

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We have a new home...Stoney Creek Conference Center!! Yes, it's so awesome!!!

THANK YOU Mid-MO Mommies! We have been awarded "Best Consignment Sale in Mid-Missouri" ....and the best part is that YOU are why!


Is this your first visit to JBF?

If you've just discovered JBF, you have found a treasure that will quickly turn you into resale royalty! It's true, once you see how much more money you can make from your children's outgrown items, you'll start actually enjoying watching your little ones grow!

How do we know this? How do you think we all got started...the exact same way! We went to or heard about a JBF sale, saw that we could make so much more money selling at JBF than giving our awesome stuff away at a garage sale or traditional consignment stores. Then we found out we then got to SHOP everyone else's bargains before the public!!!

Let's just say, making money and saving money got our attention...now we're hooked (and so are hundreds of thousands of other American moms across the US)!

If you are looking for a little mommy-adventure of your own, check out our next sale and see if you don't meet up with the coolest moms in Mid-MO, find some great bargains on what your growing family needs for next season, and discover why so many moms sell their quality children's items with JBF. Shop. Sell. Save. SMART!

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Need directions to Stoney Creek?

Stoney Creek Conference Center
(Frontier Hall)
2601 South Providence Road
Columbia, MO 65203

When you get to the Stoney Creek Conference Center, take a right at the GIANT MOOSE and you will see "FRONTIER" on the side of the conference center. Please park and come directly through the dedicated entrance to shop.

FOR Consignor DROP-OFF and PICK-UP ONLY, you will park in the lot to the right of the front doors. DO NOT BLOCK THE WALKWAY TO THE DOORS...this is how everyone will enter the building and how the rolling racks will get in and out. After you unload, come inside and put your items out on the sales floor!

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A Peek at a Sale: